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Category: Live

Golgo 13 | Movie+OVA+Live Action+50Eps | 480p/720p | x265

Golgo 13 is not his real name. Then again, neither is Duke Togo, Tadashi Togo, or any number of the aliases he goes by. A man of mystery, not even

K-ON! Live Event ~Let’s Go!~| 720p BD

K-On live event After the success of the first season. Contains the announcement for second season. INFORMATION TYPE: BD - FILM RESOLUTION: 720p x264 Audio: Jap Duration: 2hours 33mins Source size: 3.55GB Encode size: 1.90gb Screenshots: HERE DOWNLOAD LINKS MIRRORCREATOR Not that

Gintama Haru Matsuri | 400p

Concert prior to Benizakura movie.And some of the characters get together and talk about "regrets" they have after 4 years of anime Gintama. Soon they fight over who gets more