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Category: Ongoing

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine | 720p | Episode 12

Accepting the post of Royal Tutor at the court of the king of Grannzreich, Heine Wittgenstein is a little professor with a big job ahead! Each of the kingdom's four

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records | 720p | Episode 12

Sistina attends a magical academy to hone her skills in the magical arts, hoping to solve the mystery of the enigmatic Sky Castle. After the retirement of her favorite teacher,

Starmyu 2nd Season | 720p | Episode 12

Second season of the Starmyu television series.

Frame Arms Girl | 720p | Episode 12

Based on Kotobukiya's Frame Arms Girl model kit line. The anime will focus on Gourai, the first model released for the line, as well as Stylet and Baselard. Information Type: TV Episodes: 12 Status:

Warau Salesman New | 720p | Episode 12

Each episode follows Fukuzou Moguro, a traveling salesman, and his current customer. Moguro deals in things that give his customers their heart's desire, and once his deals are made and

Tsugumomo | 720p | Episode 12

Kazuya Kagami never goes anywhere without the precious "Sakura Obi" his mother gave him. One day a beautiful, kimono-clad girl named Kiriha appeared before him. Kiriha naturally began to live

Beyblade Burst God | 720p | Episode 01 – 02

New season of Beyblade Burst.

Steins;Gate : Fuka Ryouiki no Deja vu | BD 720p | Movie – Dual Audio

After a year in America, Kurisu Makise returns to Akihabara and reunites with Rintarou Okabe. However, their reunion is cut short when Okabe begins to experience recurring flashes of other