Hey, how is it going?

First of all, it has been a while. I actually miss doing this. I left like 2 years ago to focus on some RL stuff and just taking a break. TBH I never left encoding, I’ve been encoding everyday ever since and still doing so today. Well, I’m not coming back BUT I want to upload some of my old encodes especially the one that I subs myself (kara Fx, chapters, typeset). Of course, I will upload all as MEGA batch for ease of downloading. You can request (my encodes, don’t ask for a new one. If I have it, I will upload) down below in the comment section.

I will also add in some of my latest encode (some of the old anime I found like Let’s and Go etc.)

Edit 1: I’m also known as kuroko1710 for the longest time. I actually make a website just now: auroraarchive just to make everything more streamline, not trying to compete or anything, it just felt claustrophobic here with the whole theme going on. Oh, nothing there at the moment you can drop your request here and I will add it to my archive.