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What you guys seeing above is the past members of DarkLegends when it was still active and was at its peak something around 2011-2012 before DMCA/SOPA/PIPA those things hit us. It was really hard at first it hit us, we were down for quite some time until the site was rebuild again. It was really hard at first it hit us, we were down for quite some time until the site was rebuild again. I did join at around 2011, took some project despite my “overpowered” Atom netbook.

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For audition: encode any anime episode and leave it at the Receptionist’s desk (lol…I mean PM it) or leave the link in the comment section below. The Encoders will examine your encode, and decide whether the quality meets our standards. If not, then the mistakes will be pointed out and how to correct them, you can keep trying and learn.

For Learning encoding, refer to this guide. Any other questions you may direct them to our encoders on the chat.

You will be required to register for a username in Chatango, so you can join us in our conversations, ask us questions and PM us. You are always welcome.

We’re looking forward to meeting our future encoders.

From Darklegends History

On July 8 2013, the No.1 Admin of Darklegends John2born wrote a farewell letter before retiring and closing down the site.

Darklegends was soon after revived by Kuroko1710, one of the latest encoders to join at the time. It was this site’s predecessor and lasted almost 2 and a half years.

The site went down (deleted by blogger) and revived again with the help of our newly returned NihanthK (designed this site…nice, huh?)

Here is John2born’s farewell. I remember reading this not too long after finding Darklegends. You can view a pic of the site back then here (for reading the comments…wow, DL had a lot of fans).

Legends never die.

Hey DL fans,

It pains me to inform all ya fans out there that the site is closing down…. So to get the story right we look back into the history of DarkLegends.. Im not a good writer like jouka, kakashi or woofdum.. but pls bare with me… We started in late 2009 as a small re-encoding group (2 guys me and my school mate adi) we actually started this group by encoding movies, As we enjoyed watching anime so much and there were not much active groups who were encoding anime, we thought we would be able to make a change. So there began our journey, since we were still in Uni we didnt have much cash to start a website, so we started as a temp blog using linkbux. We weren’t much recognized until the spring of 2010 when we actually saved up some cash and bought a domain darklegends60mb.org. We started as a small group posting ongoing animes, encoding and releasing faster than the other groups.. We got ourselves the name “Fastest 60mb anime encoders”. After spring 2010 the site was a huge hit… massive hit.. fans and people who loved anime started coming to the site. It was the peak and happy time for DarkLegends. We made quite a few awesome acquittance. First cam a guy.. named Sayangear.. nice kid who wanted to learn abt encoding… Now he is a man LOL cant beleive he was just a kid … then came Praveen.. creator of minishares … we talked and shared a lot abt encoding.,. then he was off the grid..! then comes the Demon of DarkLegends “Jouka” the bad ass mofo, who i admired for his guts, his shitty language and his warm friendship.. he was a important person who helped DarkLegends come up in his own ways… Next on the road would be Kakashi and Kevin (Anime360)… Kakashi came as a fan and stayed as a family member of DarkLegends… Had great insights from him and he pooled his effort to make DarkLegends bigger than anything.. Great guy with great ideas… I also was fortunate enough to get his friendship… but he had to leave DarkLegends in 2011 as he was pursing he own life goals which was actually awesome. (Working for Microsoft) .. Kevin (13 yrs old) the guy made be think abt my encoding style.. he had his own anime re-ecoding website.. we shared a lot abt encoding and came to know abt the “Levels” in encoding (Improving color rate in the anime).. We did test and fought a lot… He eventually had to give up his site to me and pursue his education…. Then came Nihanth, Digam and his bro, Soulrave, Woofdum, Zerohunter, ekonoki, darknight, Cameron and Kage (sorry if i missed any one else)…. Nihan was the techinal guy for the site.. working on the server side, maintaining and updating it, Digam and his bro were active encoders back then.. but are busy now with their real life.. Soulrave was kind of my lieutenant… great encoder and also the guy to start the OST section. I recruited cameron as an encoder ….. real nice ausie chap… had to leave DarkLegends due to work…. Woofdum came from kevins site….. real awesome aussie guy.. Very active guy and was also know as the troll guy in DarkLegends… Almost like jouka but he was different in his own way …. I still remember me, jouka, woofdum and cameron playing Left2Dead2 multiplayer.. it was freakingly fun.. teamspeak and stuff.. daim it ruled… But unfortunately woofdum had to leave due to his own personal stuff.. Then comes Zerohunter.. shot fused guy.. but great team player.. awesome encodes and support he is one of the guys who help DarkLegends when it was in peril… Ekonoiki is still to be remembered since he help DarkLegends for whole 3 months on his own with his encodes before he quit.. Hats off to him.. really miss him… he joined forces with hentailegends since DarkLegends was inactive…. Kage came to DarkLegends after the fall 2011 when we were trying to bring back the site alive… We started a new section “Movies” and he was the guy who provided non stop movie encodes…. He did awesome job for DarkLegends expansion and growth… But was AOL when the site was down again… Last but not the least.. DarkKnight the ACE of DarkLegends.. providing 720p encodes of all the series… daim.. i have no words to express my gratitude for him… He really worked hard for DarkLegends to grow up… Well as the story goes.. the the site was a bit hit in 2010 – 2011….. DL received its first blow in late 2011 when the site was DDOSED by the guy name dicky (sources say.. since joulka banned him of DL chat) and the hosts didn’t want to host DarkLegends anymore… on top of that.. i was on a tour to UK and forgot to pay the server bill…. So without any notice the server was wiped clean and dead for 3 months… So I restarted the DarkLegends but all its old fame and glory was gone… Many encoders left… There were only a few left who wanted to rekindle to Legendary fire. But it was too late.. on the way 2 more encoders joined… Kuro and Usman, Kuro wanted DarkLegends to its former glory as he was a fan. He started encoding quality releases and was one of the best encoders DarkLegends would have.. So now we ar here in this point with me, DarkNight, Kuro and Zerohunter as active encoders…

Sorry to say this guys.. but i wont be able to continue any longer.. my real life needs more attention these days.. and as ya may see my encodes ar delayed 2 or 3 days… Im not able to spend time with ya guys.. and its time I lay down my encoding for good like the others…. I love ya guys a lot.. and i hate to give up on the site.. but its time i let go what i love the most in order to grow up.

So from this day i Quit encoding .. but the site will be available till last of June…. as my parting gift im gonna share the direct DDL links from the seedbox server.. so that you people can download the old encodes with ease. And please guys after reading this post.. dost ask me to continue the site… Cos I will not be able to do that… Finally i would like to thank all the fans who supported DarkLegends for all these days and Thanks to all the staffs who made DarkLegends a great success.. !!

With Lots of Love!!!!!!

John aka john2born

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  1. I’ve Loved Darklegends60mb since 2010, I even tried to use my overpowered PC to learn encoding and it depressed me that it took 6 hours for an episode and decided to just give up…

    but, I just knew today that it’s up again and This is moving me to tears…

    Will try to learn to encode again

    1. Now encoding doesnt take that long 😛
      and its become simple if you are not tinkering with the settings 😀

    1. We’re not going anywhere? That was a letter John2born wrote years ago for his retirement. Ironically, he came back to encoding not too long ago.

      1. Oh, really, my bad, and i was crying a lot for you guys, i feel happy now. Keep up the good work.

  2. I don’t know how many users visit this site(which i truly believe is the best site for anime downloads) and it makes me sad when i think it might go down one day…so i just want to say keep up the hard work guys..and also thanks for all those encodes…