Pretty Cure All Stars: Haru no Carnival♪ | 720pBD | x265

Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival♪ (プリキュアオールスターズ 春のカーニバル♪ Purikyua Ōru Sutāzu: Haru no Kānibaru♪?) is the 7th of the Pretty Cure All Stars crossover movie series featuring all current Pretty Cure characters and the first of the “Spring Carnival” films, and is the 18th movie overall in the Pretty Cure movie series. It was released in theatres in Japan on March 14th, 2015. The Go! Princess Pretty Cure characters made their movie debut excluding Cure Scarlet. On July 15th, 2015, it was released on DVD. (Source)


Type: Movie
Aired: March 14,2015
Studios: Toei Animation
Genres:  Action, Comedy, Fantasy,
Magic, Music, Shoujo
Duration: 1hr. 14 mins.
Fansubs: [DreamingRoses-Doremi]
restyled by zen


Pretty Cure All Stars: Haru no Carnival♪

Prequel – New Stage 3: Eien no Tomodachi
Sequel – Minna de Utau♪ – Kiseki no Mahou

“Enjoy the Series.” – © kurz
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