Slamdunk | BD 1080p/720p | Ep 01-101 Complete

Hanamichi Sakuragi, infamous for this temper, massive height, and fire-red hair, enrolls in Shohoku High, hoping to finally get a girlfriend and break his record of being rejected 50 consecutive times in middle school. His notoriety precedes him, however, leading to him being avoided by most students. Soon, after certain events, Hanamichi is left with two unwavering thoughts: “I hate basketball,” and “I desperately need a girlfriend.”

One day, a girl named Haruko Akagi approaches him without any knowledge of his troublemaking and asks him if he likes basketball. Hanamichi immediately falls head over heels in love with her, blurting out a fervent affirmative. She then leads him to the gymnasium, where she asks him if he can do a slam dunk. In an attempt to impress Haruko, he makes the leap, but overshoots, instead slamming his head straight into the blackboard. When Haruko informs the basketball team’s captain of Hanamichi’s near-inhuman physical capabilities, he slowly finds himself drawn into the camaraderie and competition of the sport he had previously held resentment for.


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Type: TV
Episodes: 101
Airing/ed: Finished
Producers:  TV AsahiAnimax
Genres: Comedy, Sports, Drama, School, Shounen
Duration: 23min
Source: BBT-RMX, 4:3 scale
Subs: English
Audio: Japanese

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MEGA 1080p

decryption key here: mgxEvKEfbLpEOC6zpd66dg

MEGA 720p

decryption key here: T_CKPq6YYaDlE1z6PcjxHQ


*artwork credit goes to the original artist.

Reencode courtesy of Kurz, i just reupped them; didn’t have time to work on the subs though so its raw subs
[Kurz] Update 08-07-2020: 720p BD added. Re-encode shared to us by Kuroko! This one has better quality subs.

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