Yu☆Gi☆Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

Set six months after the events of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, Yuugi Mutou and his friends are in their final year of high school and are talking about what they will do in the future. Meanwhile, Seto Kaiba has commissioned an excavation to retrieve the disassembled Millennium Puzzle from the ruins of the “Shrine of the Underworld.” The item had previously housed the soul of his rival, Atem, whom he hopes to revive in order to settle their score. The excavation is interrupted by a mysterious man, who faces Kaiba in a game of “Magic & Wizards” and steals two pieces of the recovered Puzzle. What is his ulterior motive?


Type: BD
Episodes: 01
Status: Completed
Aired: Apr 23, 2016
Producers: TV Tokyo, Nihon Ad Systems, Shueisha, Konami Digital Entertainment, Studio Gallop
Genres: Adventure, Game, Shounen
Audio: Dual Audio (Japanese + English)


720p – Multcloud

1.34GB?? Why is the file size is so big you might ask? Well because of heavy 3D CGI scenes on top of 2 hours runtime. This was encoded at 25 crf and going HEVC would only save you around 100-200mb tops. So just bear the size and happy watching.

These files are hosted on Mega and mirrored though Multcloud to protect them from being taken down.
If you are experiencing difficulties downloading through Multcloud you may join our DISCORD channel and find the Mega links there. If its not there, you may request in the general-text channel.

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